The Mary Warner Mack Dog Park

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” –Roger Caras

The bond between a human and a dog is real and priceless; a relationship that is unique and one of complete trust and loyalty.  Mary Warner Mack and her golden retriever Ava shared that, and Mary Warner took great pleasure and comfort in Ava’s companionship. MWM Image.jpg

Ava is a special member of the Mack family, and the two were planning a move to Atlanta to begin another exciting chapter in their lives. Having a safe place for Ava to exercise and play was a priority for Mary Warner when considering where they would live, and Mary Warner had found a special place that included, of course, a nearby dog park. Like Mary Warner, many families share that same special relationship with their dogs. And just like Ava, those dogs have become an integral part of their lives. 

Mary Warner lived passionately, conquering each new challenge while reaching for the next. Her family invites you to honor her memory by joining them in making the Mary Warner Mack Dog Park a reality in her home town of Fort Mill.

Located on the Anne Springs Close Greenway, which includes many of Mary Warner’s favorite running trails, the park will feature over five acres of space where dog owners and their furry companions can enjoy quality time in a safe, natural environment.

To join or make a gift to the Mary Warner Mack Dog Park, please CLICK HERE.

You may also mail gifts made payable to the Anne Springs Close Greenway
(Attn: Mary Warner Mack Dog Park) to P.O. Box 1209, Fort Mill, SC 29716.