Month: September 2020

Greenway Names Road After Prominent Paradise Community Member

September 23, 2020

Access Road Near the Fort Mill Complex YMCA Now Known as Handy White Way Fort Mill has a new road named for an important figure in the town’s history. The…

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Anne Springs Close Greenway Releases Online Financial Assistance Application

September 14, 2020

Program to Help Bridge the Gap to Nature through Outdoor Recreation and Education For more than 75 years, non-profit organization Leroy Springs & Co. (LSC) has provided affordable, quality recreation…

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Anne Springs Close Greenway Celebrates “Love the Greenway Month” with Virtual Activities and Programs

September 8, 2020

Celebrate Love the Greenway Month and the 25th anniversary of the Anne Springs Close Greenway with a full line up of programs and activities available online  Text “Greenway” to 515-55…

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