Board of Managers

For its first 17 years, the Anne Springs Close Greenway was managed by the Board of Directors of Leroy Springs & Company.  As we approached our 18th birthday and looked forward to the challenges and priorities facing the Greenway in the coming decades, it became clear that more community involvement was necessary to shepard the Greenway forward and ensure that it reflected the needs and priorities of our community.

As a result, the first Board of Managers of the Anne Springs Close Greenway took office in January of 2013.  This dedicated group of community leaders brings together a wealth of expertise in education, recreation, environmental stewardship, management and business, as well as a lasting commitment to our region and to future generations.

Their responsibility is to guide the evolution of the Greenway as the demands on its resources grow with an ever-expanding regional population.

We thank each of them for their leadership and service. 

2019 Board of Managers:

Darrell Williams, Chair

Alex Sullivan, Vice Chair


Dwayne Black

Crandall Bowles

Anne Close

Ell Close

Dehler Hart

Wyndie Havnaer

Andy Kane

Martha Kinard

Robert Mackey

Jan Martin

Colby Mosier

Tim Patterson

Brian Pope

James Warren

Chad Williams

David Williams

Gary L. Williams

Keith Wilson

Patrick White