AccessOne Creates Multi-Year Equestrian Scholarship

AccessOne, a generous corporate partner of Anne Springs Close Greenway, has created the multi-year AccessOne Equestrian Scholarship. The scholarship provides financial support and greater access to the Exceptional Equestrian program at Anne Springs Close Greenway. Designed for children and adults with special needs, the program partners with Fort Mill schools and Rock Hill’s therapeutic recreation program to provide opportunities for those in the special needs community to learn about horses and gain confidence through riding.  For many, this is a first-time experience that ignites a lifelong interest in horses and animals. Greenway Stables staff, school district teachers, park programs staff and nearly 75 eager volunteers support participants during Spring and Fall sessions.

AccessOne became connected to the Greenway in 2016 when their president, Mark Spinner (new to his position and Fort Mill), was looking for a place close to his Kingsley office to run and enjoy the outdoors. He found the Greenway to be a great option and became a member.

“The many outdoor activities the Greenway supports were a key factor in my family choosing to move from Atlanta to a neighborhood close to the Greenway. My wife is an avid runner and enjoys long runs on the Greenway with our dogs. We also use the biking trails and fishing ponds. As a family, we are on the Greenway between three and five days a week almost year-round. The access provided by the membership is a wonderful resource for our family to stay active and outside.” 

Mark Spinner, ACCESSONE President & CEO

In the last several years, AccessOne has utilized the Greenway for company holiday parties, team events and service days to lend support to special projects including some at the Greenway Stables. These visits have been opportunities to create memorable experiences and for employees to get outdoors. More service projects are planned to engage employees company wide, including litter patrol, invasive species removal, work at the Stables and more.

 “Anne Springs Close Greenway was a natural fit for us given our shared corporate home in Fort Mill and the wide variety of projects we could support both with hands-on physical work by our team and our financial resources. Endowing the AccessOne Equestrian Scholarship was a good option for us to organize a long-term benefit for our community and the Greenway.  AccessOne’s core business provides financial assistance to patients who need help paying for healthcare. The therapeutic riding element brought together our financial support, the Greenway’s natural resources, and health and healing for those in need.”  

Mark Spinner

The Anne Springs Close Greenway is grateful to AccessOne for their generosity and dedication of time and talent at the Greenway.