Anne Springs Close Greenway Announces Grand Opening of Two New Amenities During Earth Day Celebration

The Anne Springs Close Greenway℠ will unveil two exciting new amenities as part of its annual Earth Day Celebration, April 19-21: the Mountain Bike Skills Park and the Crandall Bowles Children’s Farm.

Mountain Bike Skills Park

The development of the Mountain Bike Skills Park at Anne Springs Close Greenway is a significant milestone, reflecting the commitment to creating a dynamic and inclusive experience for outdoor recreation. The Skills Park, which opens on Saturday, April 20, focuses on providing a safe and welcoming space for riders of all levels, emphasized by various features and trail options.

Collaboration with Community Trail Design and Black Diamond Trail Designs underscores the dedication to quality and thoughtful planning in creating a diverse range of trails and obstacles. The incorporation of wood and steel ramps, rollers, drops and balance features, along with downhill and uphill rock gardens and pump, bump and jump lines, promises a thrilling and challenging experience for riders seeking to enhance their skills.

The foresight to include beginner-friendly flow lines for new cyclists and advanced obstacles for experienced riders showcases a thoughtful approach to catering to a wide range of skill levels. The full shade provided by the forest canopy ensures an enjoyable experience for riders in various weather conditions.

The Anne Springs Close Greenway’s Colonel’s Club, a men’s philanthropic and social group, has been instrumental in spearheading fundraising efforts for the Mountain Bike Skills Park. The Colonel’s Club pledged to fundraise the $180,000 needed for the Skills Park through proceeds from their annual Boil & Brew, playing a crucial role in bringing the project to fruition.

In 2023 alone, the Greenway welcomed over 13,000 mountain biking enthusiasts, highlighting the growing popularity of this recreational activity. The Mountain Biking Skills Park is primed to further elevate the Greenway’s status as a premier destination for mountain biking, offering an enriching experience for riders and contributing to the region’s vibrant outdoor culture.

“The grand opening of the Mountain Biking Skills Park at the Anne Springs Close Greenway marks a thrilling chapter in our commitment to fostering a love for outdoor recreation,” said Sara Lee, Assistant Operations Director at Anne Springs Close Greenway. “This dynamic space not only offers a haven for young riders to learn and grow but also challenges the skills of the more advanced mountain bikers. With a diverse range of trails, obstacles and features, this park is poised to become a premier mountain biking destination.”

As the Greenway continues to evolve as a hub for outdoor enthusiasts, the addition of the Mountain Biking Skills Park underscores its commitment to providing diverse and inclusive recreational opportunities for all. While admission to the Skills Park is included in the cost of a Greenway membership, it is also accessible to guests with a daily admission fee.

Crandall Bowles Children’s Farm

The Anne Springs Close Greenway invites the community to join in the excitement of the opening of the Crandall Bowles Children’s Farm on Saturday, April 20. Named in honor of Crandall Close Bowles, former CEO of Springs Industries, and daughter of Anne Springs Close, this new flagship destination offers a unique blend of education and exploration for visitors of all ages.

The Children’s Farm integrates the existing petting zoo, adding a pastoral habitat, half-mile loop trail, gathering lawn, educational garden and open-air learning center. There will also be observation areas for various animals, including horses, alpacas, cattle, ducks, rabbits, barnyard animals and more. This expansion aims to provide daily interpretation and demonstrations on a variety of topics, creating an immersive learning environment.

“The Crandall Bowles Children’s Farm will be a hub for natural learning, expanding our outreach to the community and fostering a love for the outdoors,” said John Gordon, President and CEO of Leroy Springs & Company, parent organization of the Anne Springs Close Greenway.

The farm, rooted in historical significance with stables dating back to before the Greenway’s official opening in 1995, also features the Historic Tack Shed. Built in approximately 1885, the Historic Tack Shed is the oldest existing structure of the Springs Farm and is representative of the early farm culture in the community.

The Greenway currently offers a wide variety of fieldtrips for all elementary grade levels, providing core-complementary support for the curriculum and themes taught in the classroom. Fieldtrips are hands-on, interactive, and meet curriculum standards for each grade. In 2023, the Greenway hosted close to 6,000 students onsite for field trips and outdoor education programs. The Children’s Farm will add to the opportunity for education and enjoyment, enriching the experiences that staff and local educators can offer students through hands-on learning opportunities.

Admission to the Crandall Bowles Children’s Farm is included in the cost of a Greenway membership and is accessible to guests with a daily admission fee.

Mountain Bike Skills Park Ribbon Cutting

When: Friday, April 19, 2024, at 4pm

Where: Adventure Road Entrance, 104 Adventure Road, Fort Mill, SC 29715

By Invitation Only; Media by Request

Mountain Bike Skills Park Grand Opening

When: Saturday, April 20, 2024, from 9am-sunset

Where: Adventure Road Entrance, 104 Adventure Road, Fort Mill, SC 29715

Cost: Free for members and non-members during the Earth Day Celebration.

Crandall Bowles Children’s Farm Grand Opening

When: Saturday, April 20, 2024, from 9am-sunset

Where: Greenway Stables Entrance, 1046 Horse Road, Fort Mill, SC 29715

Cost: Free for members and non-members during the Earth Day Celebration.

About Anne Springs Close Greenway

Opened in 1995, the Anne Springs Close Greenway is a 2,100-acre natural preserve that offers hiking, biking, horseback riding, kayaking and more, while maintaining a natural habitat for wildlife. Its mission is to provide stewardship and protect the cultural, ecological and scenic features of the land, while also offering recreational and educational opportunities that promote the health and wellness of the community. Owned and operated by the nonprofit Leroy Springs & Co., Inc., the Greenway receives no tax money to build, maintain and operate trails and facilities. It is funded in part by generous donations from individuals and corporations.