Anne Springs Close Greenway and Fort Mill Stormwater Department Host Collaborative Community Art Project

The Anne Springs Close GreenwaySM and Fort Mill Stormwater Department are excited to announce a unique collaboration with renowned South Carolina artist Kirkland Smith for a community art project set to take place in Spring 2024.

Kirkland Smith, based in Columbia, is celebrated for her distinctive “Assemblage” art, a captivating fusion of discarded plastics, including single-use items, broken children’s toys and bottle caps. The Fort Mill community will have the opportunity to witness her creative process firsthand at the Anne Springs Close Greenway’s Gateway facility.

The public is invited to participate in the creation of one-of-a-kind artwork for the Town of Fort Mill by contributing their own plastic items. The Stormwater Department, in collaboration with local schools and organizations, will organize workshops to collect materials and engage the community in this unique artistic endeavor.

April is “Love the Greenway Month,” and to encourage community involvement, the Anne Springs Close Greenway will waive daily entry fees for those bringing items for the collage project April 8-12. This initiative aims to foster a sense of collective responsibility for environmental sustainability while transforming waste into a meaningful work of art.

Collaborating with the Anne Springs Close Greenway, the Fort Mill Stormwater Department plans to extend the project’s impact to children in the Greenway’s Nature-Based Preschool and Afterschool on the Greenway programs. Students will have the opportunity to work alongside Kirkland on the community art project, gaining valuable insights into the environmental consequences of single-use plastics and learning practical steps to contribute to a healthier planet.

This promises to be a transformative experience, uniting the Fort Mill community in a shared commitment to environmental stewardship through the power of art. For further information and updates on the project, please visit

Kirkland Smith Community Art Project

Drop off material on: Monday, April 8 – Friday, April 12

Where: Lake Haigler Entrance (2573 Lake Haigler Drive, Fort Mill, SC 29715)

Cost: Free

About Anne Springs Close Greenway

Opened in 1995, the Anne Springs Close Greenway is a 2,100-acre natural preserve that offers hiking, biking, horseback riding, kayaking and more, while maintaining a natural habitat for wildlife. Its mission is to provide stewardship and protect the cultural, ecological and scenic features of the land, while also offering recreational and educational opportunities that promote the health and wellness of the community. Owned and operated by the nonprofit Leroy Springs & Co., Inc., the Greenway receives no tax money to build, maintain and operate trails and facilities. It is funded in part by generous donations from individuals and corporations.

About Fort Mill Stormwater Department

The Fort Mill Stormwater Department, operating as a division of the Town of Fort Mill in South Carolina, is steadfast in its mission to preserve and enhance the town’s waterways, safeguarding them from pollution resulting from the impacts of urban development. The department is dedicated to several key objectives, including ensuring compliance with all relevant federal and state regulations concerning water resources, scrutinizing proposed new development Erosion Prevention plans and enforcing adherence to guidelines, sustaining the upkeep of existing stormwater infrastructure, initiating water quality programs, and actively involving the community through public participation and education initiatives.

About Kirkland Smith

For a decade, Kirkland Smith has been creating contemporary assemblages using everyday disposable materials as an evocative way to drive home the message of the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling. Through her work she challenges viewers to consider their consumer habits and believes “what we throw away says a lot about who we are, but what we choose to cherish and protect says even more.” Native to SC, Kirkland grew up Mt. Pleasant, received her B.A. in Studio Art at USC, and studied classical painting and drawing at Studio Escalier in France. Kirkland and her husband, James, have 4 children.