Anne Springs Close Greenway Celebrates Birth of Horse

Mare gives birth to foal, Forest on Oct. 7, 2022.

On Friday, Oct. 7, Anne Springs Close Greenway welcomed a new horse to its stables. The foal was born in the middle of night, and both mother and son are doing well.

The Greenway purchased the mother, Fern, on June 1 for horseback riding lessons at the Greenway Stables. She is a four-year-old quarter horse cross. Equestrian staff discovered her pregnancy on Sept. 2. What a pleasant surprise!

Fern and her new baby, Forrest at Anne Springs Close Greenway

Fern will rejoin the Greenway’s horseback riding lessons in a few months after her baby, Forest, has weaned and she has fully recovered. She is now enjoying time with her newborn.

Forest was up and running by 5am on Saturday morning, not long after his birth. The foal will follow in his mother’s footsteps as a lessons horse in a few years when he is fully grown.

Fern and her new baby, Forrest at Anne Springs Close Greenway

Equestrian staff notes that Fern is protective of her baby, so please take care to admire him from a distance and refrain from petting during his early days at the Greenway Stables.

Forest and Fern are named after the Fern Forest hiking trail at the Greenway’s Adventure Road entrance.