Camps at Springmaid Mountain

Boys Wilderness Camp (9-14 yr.)

Fishing Poles and Kayaks! Compasses and Muddy Footprints! Springmaid Mountain weeklong adventure camp runs side by side with Springmaid Mountain Equestrian Camp at Springmaid Mountain Resort located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of NC. Wilderness campers will share meals, game time, and some additional activities with the Springmaid Mountain Equestrian Camp. Campers will unplug and get outside where they can learn new skills, build confidence, make memories and friends!

From fishing and fire building to navigation and fort building, Springmaid Mountain Wilderness Adventure camp provides a variety of unique recreational and educational experiences that are sure to push campers beyond their comfort zone as they gain know-how and explore the great outdoors! Parents are responsible for transportation. Camp meets Sunday - Saturday.

Fee: $599 non-members / $499 members

Equestrian Camp (9-14 yr.)

Week-long Residence Camps are offered at Springmaid Mountain Resort during the month of
July. Springmaid Mountain Resort is located in Spruce Pine, NC and can be found on the internet at Springmaid Mountain's website. Campers, from Novice to Advanced levels, will improve their
horsemanship and riding skills while making new friends who share their passion for horses.

Camp is offered for campers ages 9-14. Groups include:
Novice (Western): campers will be introduced to horses and learn safety procedures around the barn. They will learn to groom, saddle and ride independently. (6 spots)
Beginner-Intermediate (Western): Campers will quickly review all skills from the novice group and will progress to slightly more advanced horses and exercises. They will also learn to ride at a slightly faster pace and begin to refine control of the horse. (6 spots)
Intermediate (English on the flat): Riders who have mastered the beginner classes may move on to this group. Campers will learn to walk, trot and post in an English Saddle. (3 spots)
Advanced (English over fences): For campers who have mastered Intermediate English skills and are ready to go over (or are already sailing over) fences. (3 spots) -requires a letter from trainer/instructor

All groups will play games, learn parts of a horse, saddles and bridles, and will have 3 meals each day. As opportunities arise, campers will be able to help with farm chores, watch a horse get new shoes or see the veterinarian in action! We will do our best (before camp begins) to place campers in the group where they will be able to learn and improve the most. However, campers
may be moved to a more suitable group at the discretion of the Camp Director. In addition to everything Equine, campers will enjoy hiking, tubing, group games, an overnight camp out (weather permitting), many more outdoor activities and a dance on Friday night. Campers will perform a demonstration at 10am on Saturday morning.

Fee: $775 non-members / $695 members