Mountain Bike Basic Camp (9-14 yr.)

In the 3-day time period we are able to give instruction on technical trail riding, slow handling skills, proper positioning, allowing the camper more confidence on the bike while riding trails. Mountain biking is a sport where self-esteem is gained and adrenalin runs free. These camps are geared for boys and girls between the ages of 9-14. Your child must already know how to ride a bike. Camp will run Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Tuesday and Wednesday camp hours are 9:00am-1:00pm, Thursday camp is a full day from 9:00am-5:00pm with your child bringing his/her bathing suit and towel, we’ll bike to the Recreation Complex, swim and return. Campers will be dropped off and picked up at the Field Trial Barn, located at 195 Adventure Road. Instructors: Patty Smith & Doug Satterwhite

Fee: $225 non-members / $200 members

Mountain Bike Advanced Camp (10-16 yr.)

This 3-day camp will really pack in the miles of the wonderful trails at Anne Springs. We will session and perfect the tuff spots. Some derailleur adjustments will be taught along with racing secrets. Pre-requisite for this camp: you must currently race mountain bikes or have taken our summer camp and have ridden in Doug’s Sugar Island route. Campers will be dropped off
and picked up at the Field Trial Barn, located at 195 Adventure Road. Camp meets Tuesday-Thursday from 9:00am-1:00pm.
Instructors: Patty Smith and Doug Satterwhite.

Fee: $225 non-members / $200 members

Photography Camp (7-11 yr.)

This camp gives your child the opportunity to be active outdoors while exploring the Greenway learningabout photography. Your child will:
• Experience success by building self-confidence
through seeing that repeated effort will build
self-confidence and lead to success.
• Learn it’s not the camera, but his/her artistic
talent that develops a lifetime skill.
• Make decisions: Your child, along with other
campers, decide what pictures to take.
• Play in creeks, climb haystacks, and see things in
nature for the first time.
• Bond each evening with you as your child shares
their work.

Camp meets Monday-Friday from 9:00am-12:00pm.

Fee: $150 non-members / $135 members

Fit180 Athletics Cross-Country Training (11-18 yr.)

Summer is a key time to work on getting in shape for the Cross-Country Season. Our goal is not only to train new and returning cross-country runners for the upcoming season, but also give them the nutrition and athletic knowledge that will empower them to be a healthy athlete throughout life. Our certified running coaches will help you become a better, smarter, and stronger runner. Camp will consist of dynamic warm ups, key run workouts, education and training on form, nutrition, injury prevention, mental preparedness and racing strategy. Please come prepared to run, swim, learn and have fun. Must be able run 30 minutes non-stop to be accepted into camp. Camp meets Monday-Friday from 8:30am-11:30am at the Recreation Complex.
Instructors: Lisa Sluiter and Deb Dawson, [email protected]

Fee: $165 non-members / $150 members

Fish Tales (7-10 yr.)

Enjoy a fun week learning how to fish on the Anne Springs Close Greenway’s lakes and ponds. Thisclass is for beginners. Learn about:
• Rod’s and Reels
• How to tie fishing knots
• Choosing and using baits
• How to rig a line
• What to fish for
• Finding fish on the ASC Greenway’s ponds
and lakes
We will fish a different place on the Greenway each day. Come join the fun! Camp meets Monday - Friday from 9am-12p.

Fee: $190 non-members / $175 members