FLYERS Afterschool Program

The FLYERS program was established over 25 years ago in partnership with Fort Mill School District with the intention of creating a safe place for working parents to leave their children that encourages education, socialization and outdoor exploration. Homework, crafts, centers, snack and outdoor play are all a part of the FLYERS after -school experience. Supplementary programs such as "Science and Nature" and "Fit Kids" are also provided to students focusing on sports, character building and environmental stewardship. FLYERS staff are all experienced teachers and caregivers that provide a 1:12 staff-to-student ratio.

Children in kindergarten through 5th grade will engage in activities that encourage creativity, social relationships, appropriate behavior and positive self-image.

2018-19 Registration Dates:
April 23-25 - registration open for current FLYERS families and FMSD employees.
April 26 – Open registration to the public

For more details on enrollment, staff and other information, please contact us at 803-547-1045. 


"Our boys absolutely love the Adventure Center program. The staff plans fun activities every day, from arts and crafts, nature hikes and themed days. Each afternoon, the boys ask to be picked up later and never seem to want to leave. The cost of the program is very affordable, especially considering all of the events that they participate in. Thank you for providing a great, safe, fun place for our kids!"

"We love the fact our son has the ability to explore new things on a daily basis at the Adventures center. He loves the outside activities such as hiking, dodgeball, etc. He also enjoys the science and nature experiments. By the time he gets home he is exhausted, which is a good thing. It is really important to us that our son gets the opportunity to be a kid and play with other children after school in a safe environment."