Blue Star Blazers - Hiking Club

Did you know that more than 75,000 people hiked the Greenway in 2017? That's 38% of the total visitors to the Greenway last year! Join our Hiking Club on any of the following dates:

September Hiking Schedule:‚Äč

  • Wednesday 9/19, Horse Barn, 9:30am, 4-5 miles

  • Thursday 9/20, Dairy Barn, 6pm, 3 miles

  • Saturday 9/22, Complex (will shuttle to the Horse Barn), 8am, 8 miles (Blue Star Trail), water & snacks available about halfway pint by Comporium Amphitheater restroom, Planning to eat at Wing King afterwards. 

  • Sunday 9/23, Lake Haigler Entrance, 11am, 3-4 miles

  • Tuesday 9/25, Adventure Road Entrance, 6pm, 2-3 miles 

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Anne Springs Close Greenway Hiking Club 

To find out more information, please email [email protected]