Elizabeth Bowers Named Leroy Springs & Company’s Advancement & Communications Director

Leroy Springs & Company announced this week that Elizabeth Bowers has been named the non-profit organization’s new Advancement & Communications Director. Elizabeth will continue overseeing the Marketing team as she has previously and will now oversee the Advancement team. She will be responsible for strengthening and diversifying the Greenway’s funding mechanism through philanthropic gifts. In addition, Elizabeth will continue to serve as our organization’s primary advocate and community spokesperson. She will continue to be highly focused on the protection of all Company brands and logos and the guest experience will remain a top priority for Elizabeth and the team. Under her leadership, the Advancement and Marketing teams will work to increase membership, admissions, program participation and meet fundraising goals. Elizabeth has been a tremendous asset to advancing the mission during her more than nine years with the Company and we are excited to see her in this new role.