Epps Orthodontics Supports Anne Springs Close Greenway Through Corporate Partnership

Anne Springs Close Greenway is pleased to recognize a longstanding partnership with Epps Orthodontics. As one of the Greenway’s earliest corporate partners, Epps Orthodontics has contributed over $80,000 in the past seven years, demonstrating an unwavering dedication to the Greenway’s mission. In addition to financial contributions, Epps Orthodontics has provided in-kind donations for auctions at our signature fundraising events, like the Green Gala.

Elizabeth Bowers, Advancement and Communications Director for Leroy Springs & Company, highlights the significance of their support stating, “Epps Orthodontics represents one of the Greenway’s longest standing corporate partnerships. Long before the explosive growth in Fort Mill, Dr. Tommy Epps lived and worked here, helping to support the community he loves by giving back in meaningful ways. The Greenway is just one of many local nonprofits that his practice supports and we are proud to partner with Epps Orthodontics, reinforcing the importance of not just this natural landscape, but the space needed for our community to come together.”

Located in Fort Mill SC, Epps Orthodontics is committed to delivering high quality and cutting-edge orthodontic treatments to their patients in the local community. Epps Orthodontics’s support has been instrumental in advancing the Greenway’s initiatives to preserve a place for people to celebrate and experience nature for generations to come.

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