Beginner Mountain Bike Clinic

Oct 15 , 2017

Taught by a Certified Mountain Bike Instructor, this course is perfect for beginners through early intermediate mountain bike riders. Lessons include how your bike works, body position for stability and balance, using brakes and gears. As the morning progresses, we will work on descending and climbing skills, navigating singletrack trails, cornering and managing obstacles. 

Lessons build one skill at a time, so you learn at your own pace. Group size is kept very small to allow individual attention and mastery of skills. The focus is on enjoying your ride by building confidence and skill - which also increases safety!

This program is best suited to riders age 15 and up. Due to the program length, younger riders may have difficulty with fatigue. Much of the practice takes place on gentle terrain, gravel roads and grassy fields. We will practice riding singletrack trails in the second part of the morning. You will need your own mountain bike, a helmet and water. A small snack will be provided.

In the event that bike trails are closed due to wet conditions, we will still hold the program on the gravel roads and fields. We will make arrangements as a group to meet again to practice our trail riding skills. In the event of rain on the morning of the program, we will contact you about a reschedule. Please be sure to provide an accurate email address on registration. You will receive an information email the week prior to your program.

Cost: $40 members, $45 nonmembers. Groups size is limited to 5 participants. You need your own bike, helmet and water. A small snack will be provided.

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