Campfire Cooking

Jun 13 , 2018

Ages: 8 and up
Cost: $10 a meal (meals feed 1 person, no more than 2 people to a meal please)

Eating hot dogs and marshmallows every time you go camping? Come and upgrade your campfire cooking game with us! Each session we will show you how to cook a brand new meal from start to finish. We will bring all your ingredients and supplies necessary for the meal so all you need to do is show up ready to cook and eat!

Registration is required, nonmembers also pay the $5 entry fee. Please carefully review the meal and ingredients before signing up to make sure they do not affect any dietary or allergy restrictions. Meals change each session, so if this one doesn’t suit you keep an eye out for one that does!

Campfire Cooking: Beef and veggie foil packet Ingredients
Beef Tips
Olive oil
A1 Sauce

Please contact Sara Lee [email protected] if you have any questions.

  • Rush Pavilion
  • This event has already occured.