Campfire Series

May 21 - Aug 20 , 2019


This is not a drop off event. Parents must remain on site with their children. 

What could be better than sitting by a crackling fire, sharing stories, meeting new friends and enjoying the delicious aroma of a yummy campfire meal. In these classes you will get to enjoy dinner (or dessert!) outside as we make some fun, kid-friendly campfire meals.

Campfire sessions will be the third Tuesday of every month from May to August at 6:30pm. We will meet at the Rush Pavilion and we will provide the food. We recommend bringing some water and a camp chair so you can be comfortable. Ages 5 and up. Pre-registration required, classes are $10 members / $15 nonmembers. Register online here or call 803.547.4575. 

May 21 - Banana Boats

This delicious campfire dessert is super easy to make and can have as many or as few toppings as you like. We will provide a range of toppings to stuff your banana with (chocolate chips, cinnamon, caramel bits and more!) and then we will wrap them in tinfoil to cook on the campfire. In a just a few minutes your delicious banana boat will be ready to eat!

June 18 - Dogs in a Blanket
Part hot dog, part pig in a blanket and the best of both worlds! For this meal we will be using hot dogs and crescent rolls to create a delicious meal on a stick. These do take a few minutes of roasting but are well worth the wait!

July 16 - Waffle Cone S’mores
The waffle cone s’more is so much MORE than a regular s’more. Not only does your marshmallow get perfectly roasted – so does your chocolate. Or caramel, or Reese’s or whatever you choose to add!

August 20 - Pizza Pies
Come with your appetite ready because we are having mouthwatering pizza pies for dinner this week! We will provide pie-irons which we will line with two pieces of bread for you to put as many pizza toppings on as you want. Close the pie iron and roast it over the fire and in just a few moments you will be enjoying a campfire pizza pie!