Greenway Speaker Series: Snakes of the Carolinas

Oct 13 , 2018

At this month’s Greenway Speaker Series, we are very excited to welcome Grover Barfield, Director of Carolina Reptile Rescue & Education Center, as he gives a family-friendly presentation introducing us to the snakes of the Carolinas. This local expert will teach us all about snakes, how to properly identify snakes commonly in found in our region and why they’re important to our ecosystems. In addition to his presentation, Grover will be bringing eight of the live native snakes that he has under his care, including a copperhead!

Complimentary refreshments will be provided at 10am and Grover will begin his presentation at 10:30.

This family-friendly event is free to all and thanks to a partnership with Nation Ford High School, entry fees will be waived for non-members, as well.

Grover is currently the Director of the Carolinas Reptile Rescue and Education Center (CRREC), a non-profit group dedicated to educating the public about the need to conserve the reptiles of North Carolina and the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of nuisance and injured reptiles mainly in Gaston County, North Carolina and the surrounding counties. CRREC provides educational programs on the Snakes of North Carolina all over the state to schools, civic organizations, Boy and Girl Scout troops and Cub Scout packs, museums, and city, county, and state parks, other government and non-government organizations and agencies, as well as individuals. 

Born in Atlanta, and raised in New Orleans, Grover’s parents instilled their fear of snakes in him at the early age of 3. What started as a young boy witnessing his mother needlessly kill a harmless snake at the home in New Orleans, turned into a love and appreciation for these misunderstood creatures. When he was in the fifth grade, he purchased a copy of the Golden Nature Guide on Reptiles and Amphibians and began educating himself.

He and his son, Zach, have worked professionally with snakes since 1990. They have provided several specimens for display at the Schiele Museum and the Charlotte Nature Museum.  He served as the Education committee chairperson with the North Carolina Herpetological Society (NCHS), where they’ve been members since 2003, for four years. He is a member of multiple herpetological societies, the Education and Outreach Working Group of South East Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (SEPARC) and all three working groups of the North Carolina Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (NCPARC). He has assisted on several research projects in North Carolina with both college students and professors alike and provided and wrangled a Coral snake for the BBC to use in a documentary filmed in North Carolina!

  • Adventure Center, 194 Adventure Road
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