Preschool Community Programs

Feb 18 - May 20 , 2019

Join us every first and third Monday at 10a for our community preschool programs!  Program takes place at the Adventure Center located at the Adventure Road entrance to the Greenway (194 Adventure Road).

Preschoolers will complete nature themed literature activities, crafts, hikes, and use their imaginations! This program is geared for children ages 2-5 years old and must have a parent or guardian present throughout the program.

While we encourage every member of the family to attend these programs, please note that due to uneven terrain and roots and rocks, our trails are often unsuitable for strollers, so any young children will either need to walk by themselves or be carried. Each session is themed (see below). 

Programs will last about an hour. This program is $2 per participating child, plus a $5 entry fee for non-members. All guests will meet at the Adventure Center (194 Adventure Road). 

2/18:  Rocks
Rocks are found everywhere and each rock tells us a story. Join us for this special hike to compare the colors, sizes and shapes of the rocks we find. Please bring an empty egg carton to make collecting and sort our rocks easier.

3/4:  Catch the Wind
Learn about kites and all about how to fly them!

3/18:  Tracks in the Mud
Deer, raccoons and rabbits leave tracks for us to follow. Let's see if we can discover what our animal friends are doing by following their footprints! Please wear boots appropriate for the mud.

4/1:  Buttercups and Bluebells
Things are blooming at the Greenway. Let’s check out the colors and smells of this Spring’s wildflowers!

 4/15:  Birds Build Nests
Some birds build nests in trees, some in bird boxes, and some on the ground. But all nests are noisy! Birds build nests to care for their babies and we will examine different nests and eggs.

5/6:  Pond Life
Join us to explore Lake Frances and the critters that live on, in, and below the water. Be prepared to get wet!  Wear old shoes (no flip flops please) and you may want to bring a towel to dry off afterwards.

5/20:  Worms, Slugs, and Creepy Crawlies
Plan to get dirty as we roll logs and dig in the dirt so we can learn about the critters that live in the soil!

  • 194 Adventure Road
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