Winter on the Greenway Hike

Jan 20 , 2019

The Winter landscape on the Greenway is different from the Spring, Summer, and Fall. The leaves have fallen from the trees and you can clearly see any features not visible during the other seasons. We can identify trees by their bark and the remains of any foliage. Evergreens stay green year round and standout clearly on the landscape.

Pioneers had to survive the winter with food stored from the fall harvest and hunting for game. We will explore the Nation Ford Trail and identify the plants and animals we see. We will look at the pioneer cabins and talk about the life of the pioneers on the Greenway during the 18th and 19th centuries. Dress for the weather and join us at the Dairy Barn.

  • Dairy Barn Parking Lot, 288 Dairy Barn Lane
  • This event has already occured.