Explore the Anne Springs Close Greenway with Interactive Trail Map

When it comes to getting close to nature at Anne Springs Close Greenway℠, there’s no better companion than the Greenway’s interactive trail map. Designed for both trail enthusiasts and casual visitors, this innovative tool revolutionizes how members and visitors navigate and enjoy the expansive 2,100-acre nature preserve.

A New Era of Navigation

Gone are the days of relying solely on static PDFs or hard copies of your trail maps. The Greenway’s interactive trail map leverages GPS technology, offering real-time updates based on your current location. This dynamic approach ensures that you have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips, whether you’re planning your visit in advance or exploring the trails in real-time.

Key Features of the Interactive Map

The interactive map is more than a tool—it’s an experience. Here’s what you can expect:

  • GPS Integration: The map uses your device’s geolocation services to show your current position on the trails, making it easier to find your way, discover new paths and locate points of interest.
  • Trail Information: Trails are categorized and color-coded by type: hike-only, horse, bike (bidirectional and directional) and service roads. Trail names appear as you zoom in, keeping the map clutter-free while providing essential details.
  • Facilities and Features: Easily locate entrances, restrooms, bodies of water, marker posts and Greenway property boundaries.
  • Dynamic Updates: Unlike static PDFs, the web map connects to dynamic services, allowing for timely updates and the most accurate information.

Easy Access On-The-Go

Accessing the interactive map is a breeze. QR codes linked to the map are placed on trail markers and entrance kiosks. Additionally, a direct link is available on the Anne Springs Close Greenway homepage, integrated within the Trail Status section.

Maximizing Your Experience

To ensure you’re getting the most accurate navigation experience, follow these helpful tips:

  • Zoom for Details: Trail names and other detailed information appear at different zoom levels. Adjust your zoom to see the information you need.
  • Get Directions: Unsure how to reach a specific entrance? Click on the entrance name for a pop-up with its address.
  • Verify Your Location: Sometimes, in areas with low signal, your phone might load an incorrect location. If this happens, tap the locator icon (located in the top corner, shaped like a target) a few times to improve accuracy. (Helpful hint: If you are having difficulty with location services, check out our troubleshooting guides for iOS and Android.)

Mobile-Friendly Design

The interactive map is designed to work seamlessly across various devices, ensuring you have a great experience whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet or computer. This mobile-friendly approach means you can carry the map with you wherever you go, enhancing your adventure. For quick access, we recommend bookmarking the interactive map link. (Helpful hint: Check out this handy guide to create a shortcut to the map link on your iPhone home screen.)

Be a Steward of the Greenway

As stewards of over 2,100 acres and 40 miles of trails, the Greenway’s natural resources staff appreciate help from our member community to maintain the natural beauty of this special property. If you encounter issues such as fallen trees, hazardous limbs, or significant puddles, you can report them directly through the interactive map. Simply press the “Report Issue” button in the top right corner. Photographs help the maintenance team locate and address problems swiftly and accurately.

The Anne Springs Close Greenway’s interactive trail map is more than just a navigational tool—it’s your gateway to a richer, more connected outdoor experience. Embrace this technology to explore the Greenway with confidence and ease, knowing you have the most accurate and updated information at your fingertips. Happy trails!