Discovery School

The Greenway Discovery School will run on trimesters, helping to meet the needs of families of middle school students and the changing environment of schools this year (dates to be determined with the FMSD calendar). Located at the Greenway’s Hampton Wildlife Fund Adventure Center, middle school children on an A/B schedule will have the opportunity to attend Greenway Discovery School. We do ask for a commitment to each trimester you register your child with to help with consistency for everyone involved. Transportation will need to be provided to and from Discovery School  in the mornings and afternoons.

What is the Greenway Discovery School?

Staffed by camp and childcare employees, Greenway Discovery School will provide your child several different academic and recreational opportunities each day in a fun, structured environment.  With the support of both technology and the staff helping keep your child on track, as well as participation in numerous elective programs throughout the day, we are sure this will be a full, productive day your child will enjoy.

Keeping your child in a safe environment is top priority during these uncertain times. With a COVID plan in place that follows necessary CDC guidelines which include health screenings, small groups, extra sanitization, the opportunity to be outdoors often and trained staff to effectively implement it all, we are providing a space where you can feel comfortable that your child is being kept as safe as possible.

Highlights of the program include:

  • Located on 2,100 acres of outdoor space
  • Technology center
  • Elective programs to meet your child’s interests
  • Structured environment
  • Safe, small group interaction with peers
  • Academic support
  • Daily health screenings
  • Priority on consistently being outdoors

Having the program located on the Anne Springs Close Greenway allows your child the added benefit of exploring the outdoors with experienced recreation and education professionals. The electives we will offer your child will meet a wide range of interests and may include:

The Arts

Recreation & Physical Fitness

Environmental & Nature Education

Cultural & World Studies

Please register for the same day as your child's FMSD school day.

Program Information

First Trimester Dates
August 31- November 24

Times of Operation
Monday - Friday, 7:30am - 6pm

Grades Accommodated
6th - 8th  attending in school instruction

$50 registration fee
regardless of the days of attendance of your A/B schedule student.* Greenway members receive 5% weekly discount.

*This includes up to 5 days of alternating attendance 
over a 10-day period when they are not in face to face 
instruction at their school.

Hampton Wildlife Fund
Adventure Center
104 Adventure Road
Fort Mill, SC 29715


Please note that the Greenway offers 
financial assistance through the Bridge
Program. Please visit our web site for more
information or call our Guest Services 
Department at 803-547-4575.