SC Master Naturalist Program

Catawba SC Master Naturalist Program

The goal of the course is for the participant to develop a reasonable understanding of environmental and ecological concepts which they can then apply toward developing community relationships through volunteering and environmental stewardship. Participants will learn identification skills and ecological concepts and will explore local, national and cultural historical points of interest. The program will also demonstrate how this knowledge can be applied to ensure that human impact on the Earth is sustainable. The only prerequisite for this course is curiosity and a desire to learn about the natural world.

The course includes field trips to locations around the Piedmont area in addition to the 2,100 acres of preserved land on the Anne Springs Close Greenway.

Through the established connections, you will develop the skills necessary to become a lifelong student of nature and an environmental steward. The experiences and training you receive throughout this program will assist you in your own volunteer adventures within your community. Participants completing the course and 30 hours of approved volunteer service on the Anne Springs Close Greenway (or other approved sites) will receive Master Naturalist certification, making them eligible to join a local Master Naturalist alumni chapter and participate in advanced training courses.


Do you know someone who is retired, has a flexible work schedule or works part-time? Our Catawba Master Naturalist program consists of 12 fun weeks exploring the world around you through observation and hands-on interactive learning in Fort Mill and surrounding areas. Successfully complete this program and earn a certificate from Clemson University as a Master Naturalist!

Please Note:

The Catawba Master Naturalist Program is a classroom and field-based program. Access to some sites visited by the class requires hiking on trails of moderate difficulty.

Participants must be in good physical condition and able to:

  • Hike 1-2 miles, without difficulty or assistance
  • Hike over terrain with steep sections, where footing will be uneven, with frequent tree roots, rocks, muddy areas and fallen tree trunks to climb or step over
  • Sturdy walking shoes or hiking boots are required
  • In addition, some sites do not have restroom facilities requiring use of the woods
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When: Wednesdsays, March 4 - May

Where: Nature Center at Lake Haigler Entrance

Cost: $600 per participant

Contact Kelly Murphy with any questions related to the program.