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School Field Trips

The Greenway offers a variety of hands-on, interactive learning programs specifically designed to meet Common Core and subject-specific standards at grade level. Programs can be tailored to meet teachers’ curricula and classroom instruction.

Field Trips

Early Explorers

Students will literally get close to nature during a sensory hike and hands-on activities. This three-hour program showcases the five senses, organisms and their environment, and how it is all connected in nature. This is a fun introduction to the great outdoors for younger students.

Fall Frolic (PreK-2nd)

Students are in for an A-maize-ing  time at the Greenway’s Fall Frolic.  This 90-minute program will have students navigating a corn maze, frolicking through a hay bale maze, learning about corn and its various uses, touring our pumpkin patch via tractor ride and exploring the Nature Center.

Life Cycles

Students will develop an understanding of the life cycle through various hands-on interactions along the Greenway.  This two-hour program examines the life cycle of insects, plants and macroinvertebrates through the choice of a stream study, guided hike or rotting log activity.

Webb’s Grist Mill Tour

Visit the site of the original gristmill for which Fort Mill was named.  This two-hour program includes a guided hike to the site of the milldam, a working 12-foot water wheel and an interactive history lesson that will transport your students back in time.  Use the authentic millstone to reinforce the mathematical concepts of radius, diameter, area and circumference.

“See the Forest…and the Trees” (Ecology)

A variety of curriculum-based activities will have classes exploring different ecosystems along the Greenway in this four-hour, hands-on investigative program.  Students will focus on either forests, fields, ponds or lichen in order to become one with their inner-ecologist.

History in a Backpack

In this four-hour program, students will explore the history of South Carolina and the Fort Mill area through interactive and high-interest narratives and activities along the historical Nations Ford Road.  A minimum of eight chaperones is required to facilitate this information-packed adventure.

Rocks, Minerals and Erosion...Oh My!

This three-hour program is designed to offer students hands-on experiments as well as exploration on Greenway trails to see real-life examples of erosion. Students will also get to investigate what materials the Earth is made out of and what the human impacts are on these renewable and nonrenewable resources.

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For more information on the Greenway's educational opportunities, please contact Kelly Murphy, M.Ed., Outdoor Education Manager at or 803-547-1083.