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Education Corner: Camping Hacks

With this gorgeous sunshine and Carolina skies, there is no better time to gather your family and friends to enjoy a few summer activities.One of our absolute favorites is camping! Here at the Greenway we have 13 campsites nestled in a pine stand next to the beautiful Lake Haigler. If you are new to camping, there are a few little tricks that can make the whole thing an easier and more enjoyable experience:

1) Tents: Practice setting up your tent at home before you come camping - that way you know how to do it and have all the supplies you need. Also, leave yourself plenty of daylight to get your campsite set up. 
2) Campfires: Sometimes the trickiest part is getting your fire started. Vaseline covered cotton balls make excellent fire starters, as do pine cones, Doritos, and lint.
3) Food: If it's your first time, start with simple meals like hot dogs or anything that can be wrapped in foil and thrown on the edge of the fire. We love campfire apple crisp!
4) Sleeping: The biggest difference between a good and bad night's sleep is what you sleep on. Having a sleeping pad that is both comfortable and prevents cold seeping up from the ground can make a huge difference in your camping experience.
5) Kids: Bringing kids out into nature is a great way for the whole family to connect. Make sure you have plenty for them to do though! Try bringing frisbees, scavenger hunts, cards, books, fishing rods, s'mores and a nice blanket for them to spread out on.