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Education Corner: Squirrels

As you stroll through the woods, be on the lookout for wildlife. Hearing the'crunch, crunch' of leaves being stepped on is exciting. Often we hope for that sound to be something big like a deer, but more often, it is a squirrel. While many of us casually ignore a sighting of a squirrel, on close observation they are exciting, charismatic animals. During this time of year squirrels are busy preparing for winter and we can frequently see them dashing about on the hunt for any food they can fit in their stomachs to help get them through the winter. You may have even been lucky enough to spy them hiding some food in their secret stash that they use to get through winter. Is that what you really saw though? Squirrels are smarter than we think and often pretend to bury a nut by digging a hole and then covering it up again without ever actually putting anything in it!