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Found on the Greenway: Walk Around Lake Crandall

By Jim Bogenschneider

It is now late summer and the weather has cooled down so I thought this would be a good time to walk around Lake Crandall to see if I could find some nature to share with everyone.

pic 1 lake crandall.jpg

Walking down to the lake the first thing that I saw was a bright red berry on a small bush, and as I got closer they almost looked like strawberries. On closer examination this turned out to be a Strawberry Bush (Euonymus americanus L.) This a common bush in the southeastern part of that US. Some other names for this plant are Hearts A Bustin and Bursting Heart.

pic 2 strawberry bush .jpg

As I turned to continue my trek, I came very close to walking into a spider web, fortunately for me, and the spider, I saw him in time to avoid a collision. This is one of the orb weavers that I see every time I walk on the greenway. It is difficult to tell exactly the kind of spider this is, possible a marbled orb weaver.

pic 3 orb weaver.jpg

I wanted to get moving on my walk but could not help stopping for a moment to enjoy the Green Shield lichen I saw on the forest floor. I really think lichens are very cool looking.


pic 4 green shield lichen.jpg

I needed to hurry, the sun was getting low and I wanted to see the Water Creeping Primrose while the sun was still above the trees. If you  have ever been on that side of Lake Crandall you know how large a mass they can make, extending out from the shore three or four feet. This is one of my favorite spots on the greenway to observe dragonflies. On this day I identified three species of dragonfly: the common  Whitetail, the Blue Dasher, and one that I do not see very often the Halloween Pennant.

pic 5 creeping water primrose.jpg

I wanted to stay longer but the sun was already below the trees, the light was fading and dinner was calling. I hope that my account of Lake Crandall brings you out to the Greenway, I know I cannot wait to get out again to see what nature is up to and what else can be found on the greenway.