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June Volunteer of the Month: Lyle Sandlin

Lyle Sandlin.jpg

Originally from Los Angeles, Lyle comes from a rich background of leadership in the Salvation Army, the Boy's and Girl's Clubs, and Boy Scouts. After moving to the Springfield Neighborhood in Fort Mill, Lyle wanted to get involved in organizations that support the fabric of Fort Mill's community. He immediately found what he was looking for on the Greenway. 

The Greenway stood out to Lyle for a multitude of reasons including the management, mission, staff talent, location, and activities. Lyle expressed that the Greenway is the place to be if you are the outdoor type. We're a little biased, but we couldn't agree more. 
Born and raised in Los Angeles, Lyle enjoys a variety of passions including spending time in the Mary Warner Mack Dog Park with his two Labradors, rebuilding a 1970's Porsche, maintaining a Lotus, and exploring different volunteer departments while enjoying the Greenway's environment and special events. 

A piece of advice that we hear more often than not, Lyle expressed the importance of undertaking different opportunities to take part in to understand the vastness of the Greenway. Don't forget the scope of volunteer benefits, either. Volunteers are able to enjoy the Greenway Membership Incentive Program, flexibility, behind-the-scenes moments, and free entry to events when volunteering all while discovering new passions and friends!

Since starting his volunteer experience on the Greenway in 2016, Lyle has volunteered over 166 hours as a  Wood Duck and Blue Bird Monitor, Greenway Ambassador, Cabin Docent, and in special events throughout the seasons. Lyle continues to serve as a trusty and knowledgeable Greenway volunteer and Friend of the Greenway.   

Interested in exploring Greenway volunteer opportunities but don't know where to start? Contact Caitlin at 803.547.1009 to set up a time to discuss an action plan.