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The Anne Springs Close Greenway operates a trail system that is 36-miles long. Trail maps are posted at all entrances to the Greenway and trail markers are placed every 1/4 mile throughout trails and provide reference points which correspond to the trail map.

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Nature Trails

The Anne Springs Close Greenway is rich in both natural and cultural resources. Natural resources include over 100 species of wildflowers and a great variety of birds and other interesting wildlife. The Greenway is home to 28-acre Lake Haigler as well as four other fishing ponds, mixed hardwood forests, prairies, Steele Creek, and vistas that are truly breathtaking.

Lake Haigler Loop

Our most popular hike, the 1-1/4 mile Lake Haigler Loop features some of the Greenway’s best scenery. Visitors are welcome to stop by the informational kiosk at the Lake Haigler Entrance (Hwy 21 Bypass entrance) for a trail map, which includes a self-guided tour of the loop. The beautiful 28-acre Lake Haigler is characterized by hardwoods on one side and pines on the other.

12 points of interest are listed on the self-guided tour and marked along the trail. Fishing in the lake is for members only, and a South Carolina Fishing License is required. Please visit the Fishing section for more information.

Some of our other popular trails include:

Blue Star Trail

Dubbed by Anne Springs Close as the “main thoroughfare through the Greenway,” this intermediate hiking trail stretches more than seven miles from one end of the property to the other. Not only can it be accessed from any entry point, but it also merges or intersects with every other trail in our trail system. Walking Blue Star means never having to see two aspects of the Greenway twice – from the pine stands and older hardwood forests to ponds and prairie areas, this trail gives hikers a chance to see the property as a whole. This hike will also bring visitors to historical locations like the grist mill replica and sections of Old Nation Road, as well as a portion of the trail crossing under the railroad trestle below the Field Trial Barn.

Prairie Loop Trail

The Prairie Loop Trail is a bike and hike friendly path starting from the Adventure Road Entrance which runs 3.1 miles in length. The loop starts at the bike/hike trail from the Adventure Road Entrance leads past Stumpy Pond, at which point it continues south along the Sugar Creek floodplain and passes the Garrison Webb Gristmill.

Historical Trails

Nation Ford Road (Blue Star Trail from the Dairy Barn to Lake Haigler)

The trail between the Dairy Barn and the Nature Center runs on top of or beside a nationally and historically significant trail called Nation Ford Road. The road was part of the Great Philadelphia Wagon Road, which stretched from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Augusta, Georgia and was the first major road on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States of America. For hundreds of years, the path was an important conduit for trade, war and settlement. Visitors who look closely will notice the old roadbed now grown over with trees and, in some places, wagon ruts – a reminder of hundreds of wagon wheels bumping along Nation Ford Road in their travels so many years ago.

Walk the same trail used by Native Americans, traders, settlers and Revolutionary soldiers, as well as England’s Lord Cornwallis’ troops on their retreat from Charlotte, North Carolina in the fall of 1780. Visitors can also cross beautiful Steele Creek on a 125-foot suspension bridge and find two authentic log cabins dating back to the year 1800. This trail measures about one mile in length.

Nation Ford Loop (Handicap Accessible)

An eight-foot wide concrete trail, Nation Ford Loop is easy for visitors who are physically challenged, have babies in strollers or just prefer an even surface. The nearly ¾-mile trail loop takes one from the parking area beyond the Dairy Barn to an overlook of Steele Creek. In between, visitors will enjoy the Coltharp log cabin, which dates back to the year 1800; a picturesque horse pasture; a log home built in 1780 that was constructed by Billy Graham’s grandfather; and a cotton patch.

Garrison-Webb Gristmill

Webb’s Gristmill was among the first of its kind in the area. Built circa 1780, the mill served European settlers and their descendants for over 100 years and is commemorated in the name of “Fort Mill,” originally known as Little York. To be successful at the time, a mill needed water for power and accessibility for customers. As a result, Webb’s gristmill site is on Steele Creek near Steele Road, once a spur of the Nation Ford Road. A historical mill representation interprets the historical and engineering significance of the site.

Guided Hikes

Looking to learn a little more about nature, or your local trees, or maybe you’re not quite ready to explore the trails alone? Come join us on one of the Greenway’s guided hikes! We offer many types of hikes. Please find a schedule and descriptions below. Find one that’s right for you and come hit the trails with us!

While we always encourage and love for families to come out, please be aware that most of our trails cover ground that is uneven and covered in roots and rocks. This means that they are generally unsuitable for strollers.

Intro to Trails

If this is your first time out to the Greenway or you are looking to just explore as you hike along, then this is the hike for you! Led by a South Carolina Master Naturalist, this gentle hike will cover approximately two miles and take about one and a half hours. As you hike, you will stop along the way to talk about various plants, rocks, wildlife, or any interesting things you see! Intro to Trails hikes are offered twice a month throughout the year. No registration is required so come and enjoy a Greenway exploration!

Specialty Hikes

Keep an eye out for these exceptional hikes that will periodically be offered. Specialized hikes will take an in-depth look at some particular historical or natural element, or maybe even some exciting activity that is unique to the Greenway. Hikes we have offered in the past or we will be offering soon include:

  • Grist Mill Hikes
  • Tree ID Hikes (offered in winter and spring) 
  • Walk off the Turkey Hikes (offered Friday after Thanksgiving) 
  • Mystery Hikes
  • And More!!
Hiking Club

The Greenway Hiking Club hosts a number of hikes on the Greenway and on local/regional trails.

Want to learn more? Check out our web page or find us on Facebook at Anne Springs Close Greenway Hiking Club.

Join our email list at  GreenwayHikingClub@gmail.com

Trail Rules and Guidelines

When using the trail system at the Anne Springs Close Greenway, please be mindful of the following:

  • In case of emergency, dial 911.
  • Enjoy and respect the property and its resources.
  • Greenway memberships are available for individuals and families. All non-member visitors pay a daily admission fee: $6 for adults and $4 for youth ages 5-12.
  • All Federal, State and Local laws are enforced within the Greenway.
  • Obey all directions given by Rangers and Staff or posted on signs.
  • Trails open daily at 7:00 a.m. and close at sunset.
  • All equestrians must access the Greenway from the Lake Haigler Entrance located off of Highway 21 Bypass. Please use designated horse trailer parking. Equestrians must use designated horse trails only.
  • Trails may be closed following rain or other inclement weather. Please call 803.547.1019 for updated trail information.
  • Hikers may use all trails.
  • Cyclists yield to hikers; hikers yield to equestrians.
  • If you pack it in, pack it out.  Glass containers are not allowed.
  • Dogs must be leashed and waste must be picked up and removed.
  • Please do not harm wildlife or the Greenway landscape. This applies to members, visitors and their animals.
  • Please do not scratch, injure or deface trees; pick flowers, cut branches, remove plants or dig into Greenway soil.
  • Amplified sound devices are not allowed without a permit.
  • All motorized vehicles, including electric bikes, are prohibited on the trail system.
  • Hunting and possession of firearms is prohibited.
  • Open fires are prohibited.
  • Swimming is prohibited in lakes and streams.
  • Fishing is restricted to members only; South Carolina DNR fishing license is required.
  • Outside alcohol is prohibited.
  • Failure to comply with these rules may result in a summons or arrest

trail status

Horse, Bike and Hike trails are open. Dog Park trails are open to dog park members only. 

Trail hotline: 803.547.1019

Hours: 7am - Sunset

Daily Usage Fees:
$6 per person | Youth (ages 5-12) $4 per person
Free to Members. JOIN TODAY!

Greenway Trails

Yellow is used for hiking trails

Purple is used for horseback riding and hiking

Red and Green is used for mountain biking and hiking.

Dogs are allowed but must be kept on a leash at all times. No motorized equipment of any kind is allowed on any trails.

Text GWMap to 515-55 to receive a mobile version of our trail map!