Mountain Biking

Greenway Mountain Biking Trails

Greenway bike trails are mostly beginner-friendly in nature and are suited for both new and experienced mountain bikers. Mountain bike loops are marked by a specific color. Trail markers are placed every 1/4 mile throughout trails and provide reference points that correspond to the trail map.

Please note that some MTB loops are directional and change seasonally. Be mindful of trailhead signage. 

Access mountain biking trails from the Adventure Road Entrance (104 Adventure Road) and the Blue Star Entrance (362 Handy White Way).

Helmets are required for all riders.
Trail Rules and Guidelines

Cyclists use trails at their own risk. Anne Springs Close Greenway accepts no responsibility for damage to, loss or theft of bikes or biking equipment.

When using the trail system at the Anne Springs Close Greenway, please be mindful of the following:

  • In case of emergency, dial 911.
  • Enjoy and respect the property and its resources.
  • Greenway memberships are available for individuals and families. All visitors pay a $6  daily admission fee (age 13+) or $4 (ages 5-12) .
  • All Federal, State and Local laws are enforced within the Greenway.
  • Obey all directions given by Rangers and Staff or posted on signs.
  • Trails open daily at 7:00 a.m. and close at sunset.
  • Trails may be closed following rain or other inclement weather. Please call 803.547.1019 for updated trail information.
  • Hikers may use all trails.
  • Cyclists yield to hikers; hikers yield to equestrians.
  • If you pack it in, pack it out. Trash and recycle containers are located at major trailheads. Glass containers are not allowed.
  • Dogs must be leashed and waste must be picked up and removed.
  • Please do not harm wildlife or the Greenway landscape. This applies to members, visitors and their animals.
  • Please do not scratch, injure or deface trees; pick flowers, cut branches, remove plants or dig into Greenway soil.
  • Amplified sound devices are not allowed without a permit, including drones.
  • All motorized vehicles, including electric bikes, are prohibited on the trail system.
  • Hunting and possession of firearms is prohibited.
  • Open fires are prohibited.
  • Swimming is prohibited in lakes and streams.
  • Fishing is restricted to members only; South Carolina DNR fishing license is required.
  • Outside alcohol is prohibited.
  • Failure to comply with these rules may result in a summons or arrest
Tips for a Great Mountain Biking Experience
  • Helmets are required
  • Mountain bikes are recommended.
  • No motorized bike or ebikes are allowed.
  • Some trail loops are one direction: please look for brown signs with directional arrows, and be aware of hikers and runners on the trail. 
  • Be aware of oncoming cyclists on two-way traffic trails, and stay in control of your bike at all times. 
  • There are NO paved trails for biking. Only balance bikes are allowed on the paved loop at the Dairy Barn entrance.
  • Bike wash stations and a hydration station are available adjacent to the Adventure Road Entrance parking lot.
Group Mountain Bike Rides

Weekly ride options vary by season and availability. Please check our Facebook group for regular ride opportunities and any last minute changes to the schedule. 

Children under 15 years must have parent/adult ride with them. 

Free for Greenway members, non-member day use fees: $6 per person, $4 youth (ages 5-12).

Trails may be closed after significant rain. For trail status visit call Trail Hotline at 803.547.1019. 

The Anne Springs Close Greenway offers mountain biking instruction through PMBIA certified instructors, as well as summer camps and other special programs. 

All clinics require:

  • correct-fitting helmets
  • a minimum number 3 registrants (max number = 6)

All programs take place a the Adventure Road Entrance - 104 Adventure Road, Fort Mill, SC 29715

For any questions about our Mountain Bike clinics and programs, please contact Sara Lee.

Register for All Clinics Here

Greenway members must sign in to receive discounts.

Beginner 1 MTB Clinic

This program is perfect if you

  • Are new to exercising or fitness activities
  • Can bike or walk on a mostly flat, paved surface at least 45 minutes
  • Are new to trail riding
  • Want to maximize enjoyment and safety in a new sport

This program will include

  • About 80% of program is on fields and gravel road, 20% on trail
  • Basic bike fitting for best performance
  • Trail etiquette and safety
  • Operation of brakes and gears
  • Body position on the bike for stability and balance
  • Riding narrow singletrack trails

2 hours, $41 per person.  Members receive a $6 discount.

Ages 12-adult, under 15 must have an adult accompanying on trail ride.  Under 18 must have parent or guardian remain on property during the program.

Minimum number of participants = 3, Maximum = 6.

Beginner 1 MTB Clinic Dates 2021:

  • Jan 23 @ 1-3 pm                                  
  • Feb 20 @ 1-3 pm                                 
  • Apr 18 @ 3:30-5:30 pm    
  • Jun 20 @ 3:30-5:30 pm                    
  • Aug 15 @ 3:30-5:30 pm                    
  • Sep 19 @ 3:30-5:30 pm

Beginner 2 MTB Clinic

This program is perfect if you

  • Completed the Beginner 1 program and want to progress your skills
  • Have been riding trails for several months
  • Can ride 1-2 hours at a time with brief rest stops
  • Can ride an average of 5-6 mph pace on easy terrain
  • Are comfortable with body position, braking and gearing, but want to get better
  • Are ready to ride more smoothly and increase speed a little
  • Want to learn how to corner more efficiently

This program will include

  • Bike features and shock setup
  • Refining body position on the bike for specific situations
  • Learning “bike/body separation”
  • Braking and gearing efficiently
  • Beginning climbing and descending skills
  • Beginning cornering with sight lines and leaning
  • Choosing a “line”
  • Navigating obstacles up to 2-4 inches tall

3 hours, $56 per person. Members receive $6 discount.

Ages 15 and up. Under 18 must have parent or guardian remain on property during the program.

Minimum number of participants = 3, Maximum = 6.

Beginner 2 MTB Clinic Dates 2021

  • Jan 23 @ 9 am – 12 pm         
  • Mar 20 @ 9 am – 12 pm        
  • May 15 @ 9 am – 12 pm
  • Jul 17 @ 9 am – 12 pm           
  • Aug 14 @ 9 am – 12 pm         
  • Sep 19 @ 12pm – 3 pm

Intermediate MTB Clinic

This program is perfect if you

  • Have completed Beginner 2 (or the Level 1 clinic in 2020)
  • Have been riding regularly for more than 6 months
  • Can ride over 1 hour without rest stops
  • Are consistent in beginner riding skills of body position, braking and gearing
  • Feel you are not improving, keep riding the same way
  • Are ready for more challenging terrain
  • Are ready to increase your ride distance
  • Want to increase speed
  • Want to be more efficient on your rides
  • Are considering participating in a mountain bike race

This program will include

  • Utilizing body position to improve flow
  • Maximizing power efficiency with pedaling and gearing
  • Cornering for flat and bermed turns
  • Navigating more complex obstacles and rock gardens
  • Intermediate climbing and descending skills
  • Wheel lifts, front and rear, and pedal lifts
  • How to choose a mountain bike race event
  • Training and fueling for MTB race events

3 hours, $56 per person. Greenway members receive a $6 discount.

Ages 15 and up.  Under 18 must have parent or guardian remain on property during the program.

Minimum number of participants = 3, Maximum = 6.

Intermediate MTB Clinic Dates 2021

  • Feb 20 @ 9 am – 12 pm
  • Apr 18 @ 12 pm – 3 pm       
  • Jun 20 @ 12 pm – 3 pm
  • Aug 15 @ 12 pm – 3 pm
  • Oct 17 @ 12 pm – 3 pm

Child must have their own bike in good working order and a properly fitting helmet.  Please note:  if the child’s helmet does not fit properly (ie, too small or big, broken straps, etc.) they will not be able to participate.  Helmet fitting information is readily available online.  A parent or guardian must be present in the area and must be on the trail on a bike for trail riding portion of the program (about the last 30 minutes).

Skills will be learned primarily through fun activities and games instead of “teaching”.  Emphasis will be on having fun, safety and being a respectful, courteous trail user. 

Kids 1: Ages 6-10

To get the most from this program, the child should already be able to

  • Put on own helmet
  • Ride without training wheels
  • Ride in a straight line on a field or paved area
  • Operate brakes on his/her bike

Skills covered in this program may include   

  • Body position for balance
  • Using brakes for control and special situations
  • Using gears (if bike has them)
  • Sighting on the trail

Kids 2:  Ages 11-14 

For children with limited or no trail riding experience.  Children ages 12 and up may also participate in the adult Beginner 1 Clinic with an adult. 

To get the most from this program, child should already be able to

  • Put on own helmet correctly
  • Ride in a straight line
  • Operate brakes
  • Operate gears (if bike has them)

Skills covered in this program may include

  • Body position for balance
  • Sighting on the trail
  • Gearing
  • Braking
  • Pedaling efficiency
  • Navigating small obstacles

About 1.5 hours, $31 per child. Greenway members receive $6 discount.

A parent or guardian must be present in the area and must be on the trail on a bike for trail riding portion of the program (about the last 30 minutes).

Minimum number of participants = 3, Maximum = 6.

Kids MTB Clinic Dates 2021

  • Mar 20 - Kids 1 @ 1-2:30pm / Kids 2 @ 2:30-4pm
  • May 15 - Kids 1 @ 1-2:30pm / Kids 2 @ 2:30-4pm
  • Jul 17 - Kids 1 @ 1-2:30pm / Kids 2 @ 2:30-4pm
  • Aug 14 - Kids 1 @ 1-2:30pm / Kids 2 @ 2:30-4pm
  • Oct 17 - Kids 1 @ 1-2:30pm / Kids 2 @ 2:30-4pm

Private Lessons

This program is perfect for any age participant and at any skill level from complete beginner to intermediate rider.  A pre-program survey will help identify rider goals and guide the session content.  A riding assessment will identify areas where additional skill development can improve riding performance.  To arrange a private lesson, contact Sara Lee.

$51/hr, per person. Add a second person for $36/hr*. Members receive a $6 discount.

Minimum 2 hours.

Participants under age 15 must have an adult accompanying on the trail ride.  Accompanying adult is not a “second person” and attends at no additional charge, however, instruction is planned for the child. 

*Second person should be at the same skill level and must attend the same day/hours. 

trail status

Horse, Bike and Dog Park trails are closed. Hike trails are open.

Trail hotline: 803.547.1019

Hours: 7am - Sunset

Daily Usage Fees:
$6 per person | Youth (ages 5-12) $4 per person
Free to Members. JOIN TODAY!

Greenway Trail Guide

Yellow is used for hiking trails

Purple is used for horseback riding and hiking

Red and Green is used for mountain biking and hiking.

Dogs are allowed but must be kept on a leash at all times. No motorized equipment of any kind is allowed on any trails.

Text GWMap to 515-55 to receive a mobile version of our trail map!