Swim Lessons

Our swim lessons help children and adults develop valuable skills and a lifetime love of the water, while instilling responsibility and safety instruction. We provide swimming classes year round for ages ranging 8 months to adult. Throughout the year, we also offer lifeguard training courses and water safety instructor courses. Our lessons are taught by instructors certified by the American Red Cross and class ratios are kept small.

Skills Learned:
Personal Safety: Students learn to be safety conscious in and around water. The information forms the basis of accident prevention. Survival skills, self-rescue and boating safety are taught.

Personal Growth: In learning new skills students build self-esteem. They also learn the consequences of their choices in relation to water safety.

Stroke Development: Students are taught through stroke techniques. Paddling skills, treading, floating, basic rescue skills and safety using lifejackets are among those taught.

Water Games: Games are used to enhance skills learned. Retrieving objects underwater and passing a ball are examples of is taught.

Rescue: Students learn safety techniques – knowing when to yell for help, being able to go to an adult for assistance, reaching and throwing assists.