Bench Program

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Bench Program


The Bench program provides funding to maintain and care for the Anne Springs Close Greenway’s visitor benches and their surrounding landscapes.

A bench is a wonderful way to memorialize or honor a loved one, or share as a meaningful gift for a birthday, anniversary, new baby or graduation. In recognition of your contributions, the Anne Springs Close Greenway (ASCG) will install a personalized plaque on a park bench. Benches may be installed for gifts beginning at $10,000. Bench styles and locations are predetermined by ASCG.

  • A bench is guaranteed for the ‘useful life’ of a bench, a minimum of 10 years. Benches will remain after 10 years if they are determined to be in useful condition (determined by ASCG).
  • In the event the plaque is damaged, defaced, and/or removed, ASCG will replace it for the useful life of the bench.
  • ASCG will perform general maintenance and upkeep around the bench area.
  • ASCG reserves the right to remove any benches that have been damaged or are beyond repair (determined by ASCG).
  • Bench locations will be predetermined by ASCG. ASCG will limit the number of benches that can be placed within the Greenway, open space, or other LSC-maintained property.
  • The location of the bench and any inscription must be approved by ASCG.
  • The ASCG reserves the right to remove or relocate a bench if staff determines that is in its best interest.
    • Non-perishable items, such as photos, plastic flowers and beads, are not permitted and will be removed.
Memory Bench at the Anne Springs Close Greenway