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Donor Advised Fund

A donor advised fund (DAF) is a philanthropic vehicle that allows you to make charitable contributions, receive an immediate tax deduction, and then recommend grants to qualified nonprofit organizations, such as the Anne Springs Close Greenway. By establishing a donor advised fund, you can centralize your charitable giving, simplify administrative tasks, and take advantage of the tax benefits associated with charitable donations.

A DAF empowers you as a philanthropist to align financial giving with your values, engage family members in charitable discussions and leave a lasting legacy of positive change.

Benefits of This Gift

  • Tax Benefits: Receive an immediate tax deduction when contributing to the DAF, and potentially eliminate capital gains tax when donating appreciated assets.
  • Simplified Giving: Centralize and streamline charitable giving through a single fund, reducing paperwork and administrative burden.
  • Flexibility: Choose when and how much to contribute, and take time to research and strategize charitable donations. Avoid the end-of-year rush to decide and distribute.
  • Long-Term Impact: Create a legacy of charitable giving by involving future generations in the fund's grant-making process, and grow the fund tax-free, allowing for more impactful contributions over time.
  • Family Involvement: Involve family members in philanthropic decisions, fostering a culture of giving and shared values.
  • Privacy: If desired, maintain anonymity. Grants from the DAF are often made in the fund's name rather than the donor's.
  • Matching Gifts: Leverage employer matching gift programs to amplify the impact of contributions to the donor-advised fund.

How to Do This Gift

  • Research: Learn about different DAF providers, their fees, investment options, and grant-making policies.
  • Select a Provider: Select a reputable provider that aligns with your philanthropic goals and values, and complete their application.
  • Contribute: Make an initial contribution to the fund, which can be in the form of cash, stocks, or other assets.
  • Receive Tax Deduction: Receive an immediate tax deduction for the contribution.
  • Set Up Account & Invest: Once the fund is established, set up an online account to manage contributions and grant recommendations. Choose from the available investment options for the fund's assets to grow tax-free.
  • Recommend Grants: Start recommending grants to qualified charitable organizations, such as the Anne Springs Close Greenway, and provide any necessary supporting documentation.
  • Track Impact: Record the grants made along with the impact of your philanthropic contributions.

Please support our mission by naming the Anne Springs Close Greenway as a beneficiary of your DAF. If you choose to do so, please use the following legal name and tax identification:

  • Legal Name: Leroy Springs & Company DBA Anne Springs Close Greenway
  • Tax ID: 57-0344121
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