Archery 101

Summer Camp

Children and adults develop basic archery skills in our introductory archery class. All equipment is provided. Personal equipment will be inspected by an instructor prior to use. Water bottle and…

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Fishing 101


Let us show you how to bait, cast and catch with confidence. We will provide the rods, bait and tools to experience the fun of fishing! Feel free to bring…

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Family Orienteering

Come explore different means of navigation, from use of shadows to a map and compass. We will use this knowledge to navigate through an orienteering course to find a treasure.…

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Girl Scouts Camper Badge

Start your camping adventure! During this badge program, we will discuss setting up a campsite, including how to leave no trace and pitch tents, before we discuss fire starting. Once…

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Guided Hike: Tree ID

Family Hikes at ASCG

Trees provide shade, animal habitats and protection from erosion. In fact, trees are an important part of any forest ecosystem, including Anne Springs Close Greenway. Learn more about trees as…

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