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The Anne Springs Close Greenway offers a variety of photography options on its 2,100 acres with respect to landscape and architecture. The Greenway is private property and photographers must comply with policies.

All photography must be scheduled.
Schedule a session or purchase an Annual Photography Pass:

Contact: Linda Turner

Professional Photography Pass Information
  • Pass holders must have a valid Individual Greenway Membership ($49.00 annual fee) or be part of a Family Greenway Membership ($99.00 annual fee) in order to purchase the Professional Photography Pass.
  • Annual Photography Pass is $300.00. Individual client sessions are $50 per client for non-annual pass holders.
  • Primary pass is issued to one photographer only. Associates from the same studio or business may add additional passes for $50.00 per person.
  • Annual Photography Pass entitles pass holder to unlimited sessions per day with approved reservation.
  • Nonmember photography subjects associated with the photoshoot must pay the per person daily admission fee.
  • All sessions must be reserved in advance by calling the Greenway Headquarters.
  • Annual Photography Pass does not gain access to indoor photography sessions. Facility rental rates apply
Professional Photography Pass Guidelines
  • Exemptions/Waivers include photographs made: (1) solely for private or family use without a financial gain; (2) for use in criminal investigations or civil proceedings; (3) for news purposes; (4) for charitable purposes; and (5) for educational/academic purposes.
  • The photographer will possess/wear the provided professional photography lanyard as identification while conducting approved photography work on property at all times.
  • Photographers, their staff and subjects may stand on sidewalks and grassy/natural areas, but not in flowerbeds.
  • Photographers must conduct their work in a manner that does not impact the general public’s enjoyment of the Anne Springs Close Greenway.
  • Photographers cannot block roads, sidewalks, private drives or trails during their shoot or prevent others from accessing the property without special advance permission.
  • The photographer is responsible for cleaning the area following the project. Any trash generated by your party must be removed prior to your departure.
  • Minimal use of props is allowed and must be transported by the photography pass holder. Anne Springs Close Greenway will not accept delivery of props. Props may not be stored on-site.
  • The image, logo, and name of the Anne Springs Close Greenway are registered trademarks and may not be used by outside parties without permission.
  • Anne Springs Close Greenway is not responsible for any loss or damage to photography equipment.
  • Any commercial photography activity conducted at the Greenway is subject to additional fees, rules and regulations. Photographer must review and abide by the Greenway’s rules of conduct policy, schedule an approved reservation time and place, and receive approval in advance for their project from the Greenway Headquarters by calling 803.548.7252.
  • All activities must conform to the established rules and regulations identified by the attached Anne Springs Close Greenway Professional Photography Policy.
  • Non-compliance to these rules and regulations may result in forfeiture of the annual fee and future photography privileges.